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July 15th – September 11th

About The Conference

The CORE Conference is a one-of-a-kind gathering where users of Clinical Conductor from around the world come together to learn, share best practices and receive unparalleled insights on the latest in CTMS and clinical research technology.


  • Natalie Barton
    Natalie Barton
    Applications Specialist
  • Luke Bernier
    Luke Bernier
    Deployment Services Manager
  • Kyle Byron
    Kyle Byron
    Senior Account Manager
  • Mary Pat Cottengim
    Mary Pat Cottengim
    User Experience Manager
  • Missy Fuino
    Missy Fuino
    Senior Applications Specialist
  • Ryan Gillette
    Ryan Gillette
    Competitive Engineering Team Lead
  • Kevin Kemler
    Kevin Kemler
    Account Manager
  • Mary Korndoerfer
    Mary Korndoerfer
    Applications Specialist
  • Dave Morgan
    Dave Morgan
    Software Engineering Manager
  • Suzanne Nicholl
    Suzanne Nicholl
    Senior Account Manager
  • Kathleen Schubach
    Kathleen Schubach
    Account Manager
  • Jon Sinclair
    Jon Sinclair
    Software Engineering Manager
  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith
    Solutions Consultant
  • Chelsey Stephens
    Chelsey Stephens
    Senior Account Manager
  • Kate Yawman
    Kate Yawman
    Product Line Manager