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September 1st – September 9th

About The Conference

The CORE Conference is a one-of-a-kind gathering where users of Clinical Conductor from around the world come together to learn, share best practices and receive unparalleled insights on the latest in CTMS and clinical research technology.

ACRP SOCRA LogosGet over 20 credit hours at CORE!

We’re excited to announce that CORE Conference 2019 attendees will be able to receive continuing education credits from ACRP and SOCRA! By offering sessions that are eligible for CE credits, the CORE Conference strives to be a community where researchers can share best practices and receive unparalleled insights on the latest clinical research technology.

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  • Laku Adedoyin
    Laku Adedoyin
    CTO, Bio-Optronics
  • Candida Barlow
    Candida Barlow
    Senior Account Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Cristy Bell
    Cristy Bell
    Customer Support Specialist, Bio-Optronics
  • Luke Bernier
    Luke Bernier
    Deployment Services Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Cody Blowers
    Cody Blowers
    Technology Manager, JBR Clinical Research.
  • Kimber Breeden
    Kimber Breeden
    Meridian Clinical Research
  • JW Brunson
    JW Brunson
    Consulting Product Analyst, Sarah Cannon
  • Kyle Byron
    Kyle Byron
    Application Specialist Manager
  • Laura Canter
    Laura Canter
    Manager of Mercy Clinical and Hospital Research for the Central and West Regions, Mercy Research
  • Ben Chisum
    Ben Chisum
    CTMS Administrator, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Mary Pat Cottengim
    Mary Pat Cottengim
    User Experience Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Jana Dock
    Jana Dock
    Director, Mercy Research
  • Maria Durkin
    Maria Durkin
    Vice President, Services, Bio-Optronics
  • Joe Dye
    Joe Dye
    Project Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Jeanine Estrada
    Jeanine Estrada
    Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Clinilabs
  • Kristi Etchberger
    Kristi Etchberger
    Partner, Clinical Research Billing
  • Katie Gaiek
    Katie Gaiek
    Sales Executive, Bio-Optronics
  • Wendy Gedanken
    Wendy Gedanken
    Clinical Systems Administration Manager, Frenova
  • Alex Guilloux
    Alex Guilloux
    Queens Medical Center
  • Karen Hickson
    Karen Hickson
    Director of Business Development, Clinical Research Atlanta
  • Casey Kappenman
    Casey Kappenman
    Research Systems Manager, Texas Heart Institute
  • Mary Korndoerfer
    Mary Korndoerfer
    Senior Applications Specialist, Bio-Optronics
  • Chris Lang
    Chris Lang
    Research Assistant, Allergy & Asthma Associates of Santa Clara Valley Research Center
  • Adam Larabee
    Adam Larabee
    President, Rochester Clinical Research
  • Crystal Mendenhall
    Crystal Mendenhall
    Application Specialist, Bio-Optronics
  • Lauren Miceli
    Lauren Miceli
    Digital Marketing Specialist, Bio-Optronics
  • Sam Mjalli
    Sam Mjalli
    Analyst, Business Operations, High Point Clinical Trials Center
  • Diana Morales
    Diana Morales
    Clinical Project Manager, Catholic Health Institute for Research and Innovation
  • Alyssa Neimark
    Alyssa Neimark
    Research Financial Analyst, Carle Foundation Hospital
  • Suzanne Nicholl
    Suzanne Nicholl
    Senior Account Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Peter Pirro
    Peter Pirro
    Project Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Dawn Pittinger
    Dawn Pittinger
    Senior Account Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Pallavi Ranade
    Pallavi Ranade
    Senior Software Engineer, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Kyle Ricketts
    Kyle Ricketts
    Marketing Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith
    Solutions Consultant
  • Michelle Smith
    Michelle Smith
    Research Program Manager, Ascension Healthcare
  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith
    Senior Account Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Aubrey Smith
    Aubrey Smith
    Manager of Business Operations, Mercy Research
  • Tiffani Smith
    Tiffani Smith
    Manager of Business Operations, Mercy Research
  • Chelsey Stephens
    Chelsey Stephens
    Senior Account Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Gwen Sapper
    Gwen Sapper
    National Finance Manager, CHI
  • Kate Vacca
    Kate Vacca
    Project Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Cooper VanLare
    Cooper VanLare
    Commercialization Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Kelly Willenberg
    Kelly Willenberg
    President, Kelly Willenberg, LLC
  • Kate Yawman
    Kate Yawman
    Product Line Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Lori Zunich
    Lori Zunich
    Research Data Engineer, Carle