1. You’ll be pioneering a part of the rapidly-growing CORE Conference

The Community for Research Excellence (CORE) was established to provide Clinical Conductor users a multitude of ways to gain knowledge and expertise, both within the CTMS and in the industry at large. The 3rd annual CORE Conference is your opportunity to directly help in steering the CORE mission as it continues to evolve and expand in the coming months and years. Don’t miss your chance!



2. There’s tons of networking opportunities

The CORE conference is an ideal place to network with clinical research professionals throughout the industry. Representatives from a variety research organizations are attending CORE, providing you with the opportunity to learn from your peers, collaborate with them to solve industry-wide problems, and build relationships that last a lifetime.



3. Fun in the beautiful fall weather

Western New York is famous for the fall season beautiful weather. The weather is pleasant, the sun still shines and the foliage is beautiful and almost unmatched anywhere in the world. The Strathallan Hotel is one of the best locations to view historic downtown and see the seasons change from the city’s most iconic rooftop bar. Plus, it’s only a few minutes from the some of the best wine grown on the East Coast!



4. You get to see what’s next

Attending the 2019 CORE conference gives you a sneak peek at the Clinical Conductor Team’s vision for 2020. With new product announcements, training sessions on the latest technology, new partnerships and more, the conference is perfect for those looking to take advantage of the latest and greatest tools in the clinical research industry.



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