• Laku Adedoyin
    Laku Adedoyin
    CTO, Bio-Optronics
  • Candida Barlow
    Candida Barlow
    Senior Account Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Cristy Bell
    Cristy Bell
    Customer Support Specialist, Bio-Optronics
  • Luke Bernier
    Luke Bernier
    Deployment Services Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Cody Blowers
    Cody Blowers
    Technology Manager, JBR Clinical Research.
  • Kimber Breeden
    Kimber Breeden
    Meridian Clinical Research
  • JW Brunson
    JW Brunson
    Consulting Product Analyst, Sarah Cannon
  • Kyle Byron
    Kyle Byron
    Application Specialist Manager
  • Laura Canter
    Laura Canter
    Manager of Mercy Clinical and Hospital Research for the Central and West Regions, Mercy Research
  • Ben Chisum
    Ben Chisum
    CTMS Administrator, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Mary Pat Cottengim
    Mary Pat Cottengim
    User Experience Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Marcel Davidse
    Marcel Davidse
    Research Analyst, DaVita Clinical Research
  • Jana Dock
    Jana Dock
    Director, Mercy Research
  • Maria Durkin
    Maria Durkin
    Vice President, Services, Bio-Optronics
  • Joe Dye
    Joe Dye
    Project Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Jeanine Estrada
    Jeanine Estrada
    Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Clinilabs
  • Kristi Etchberger
    Kristi Etchberger
    Partner, Clinical Research Billing
  • Katie Gaiek
    Katie Gaiek
    Sales Executive, Bio-Optronics
  • Wendy Gedanken
    Wendy Gedanken
    Clinical Systems Administration Manager, Frenova
  • Amy Gottleib
    Amy Gottleib
    Director of Marketing, Altus Research
  • Alex Guilloux
    Alex Guilloux
    Queens Medical Center
  • Karl Heberger
    Karl Heberger
    Chief Strategy Officer, Mason Digital
  • Karen Hickson
    Karen Hickson
    Director of Business Development, Clinical Research Atlanta
  • Casey Kappenman
    Casey Kappenman
    Research Systems Manager, Texas Heart Institute
  • Mary Korndoerfer
    Mary Korndoerfer
    Senior Applications Specialist, Bio-Optronics
  • Chris Lang
    Chris Lang
    Research Assistant, Allergy & Asthma Associates of Santa Clara Valley Research Center
  • Adam Larabee
    Adam Larabee
    President, Rochester Clinical Research
  • Carly Layton
    Carly Layton
    Director of Content and Inbound Marketing, Mason Digital
  • Joe Majerczyk
    Joe Majerczyk
    Clinical Systems Informatics Administrator, Accelerated Enrollment Solutions
  • Chris Markham
    Chris Markham
    Director of Digital Development, Mason Digital
  • Crystal Mendenhall
    Crystal Mendenhall
    Application Specialist, Bio-Optronics
  • Lauren Miceli
    Lauren Miceli
    Digital Marketing Specialist, Bio-Optronics
  • Sam Mjalli
    Sam Mjalli
    Analyst, Business Operations, High Point Clinical Trials Center
  • Diana Morales
    Diana Morales
    Clinical Project Manager, Catholic Health Institute for Research and Innovation
  • Dave Morgan
    Dave Morgan
    Software Engineering Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Alyssa Neimark
    Alyssa Neimark
    Research Financial Analyst, Carle Foundation Hospital
  • Suzanne Nicholl
    Suzanne Nicholl
    Senior Account Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Peter Pirro
    Peter Pirro
    Project Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Dawn Pittinger
    Dawn Pittinger
    Senior Account Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Pallavi Ranade-Kharkar, MS, PhD
    Pallavi Ranade-Kharkar, MS, PhD
    Director of Research Informatics and Precision Medicine Systems, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Kyle Ricketts
    Kyle Ricketts
    Marketing Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Samantha Santoro
    Samantha Santoro
    Sr. Systems Administrator, DaVita Clinical Research
  • Jon Sinclair
    Jon Sinclair
    Software Engineering & Information Security Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith
    Solutions Consultant
  • Michelle Smith
    Michelle Smith
    Research Program Manager, Ascension Healthcare
  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith
    Senior Account Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Aubrey Smith
    Aubrey Smith
    Manager of Business Operations, Mercy Research
  • Tiffani Smith
    Tiffani Smith
    Manager of Business Operations, Mercy Research
  • Chelsey Stephens
    Chelsey Stephens
    Senior Account Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Gwen Sapper
    Gwen Sapper
    National Finance Manager, CHI
  • Margaret Tanchick
    Margaret Tanchick
    Customer Support Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Kate Vacca
    Kate Vacca
    Project Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Cooper VanLare
    Cooper VanLare
    Commercialization Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Kelly Willenberg
    Kelly Willenberg
    President, Kelly Willenberg, LLC
  • Kate Yawman
    Kate Yawman
    Product Line Manager, Bio-Optronics
  • Lori Zunich
    Lori Zunich
    Research Data Engineer, Carle